National Writing Project (UK) Glasgow branch launch 

On Wednesday 11th October, the Glasgow branch of the National Writing Project (UK) will launch at Springburn Academy. The branch will be the first, hopefully of many, in Scotland and as group leader I am delighted to announce we have had a very enthusiastic response to our launch event with far higher numbers of attendees than I could have hoped for. Double what I was hoping for, in fact.

I’ll post after our launch event an account of the night, but for anyone who is unable to attend (bookings have now closed) there is nothing stopping you requesting to join our group via the NWP’s website, here.

The Glasgow branch, as is true of all NWP(UK) groups, will be a writers’ group, aimed at teachers. We will meet once a month/half term (whatever the group decides in coming weeks) to write, share our writing, support and feedback to each other, and discuss our classroom practice and engage with ideas we can all take back and try with our students. Above all, this will be a fun (not in an ‘organised fun’ kind of way… *shudder*) group that will function of two levels.

On one hand, it will provide a fantastic CPD opportunity for teachers looking to develop their classroom practice in teaching and supporting creative writing.

Also, and equally, it will function as a writers’ group supporting members’ personal creative writing and providing an opportunity to share this with other, likeminded, members. 

Teaching creative writing in the classroom, be it a primary, secondary or tertiary classroom, can be daunting. Writing creatively for yourself can also be daunting. By working together in this writers’ group my aim, and our shared aim, will be to minimise concerns and provide support for each other. 

I look forward to seeing many of you on Wednesday, at 4pm at Springburn Academy. Stay tuned for updates on our progress. For further information on the NWP(UK) and what they aim to achieve, have a look on their website, here.




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